Spyridon Paloukis

Spyridon Paloukis (b. 1980) is an artist. He has studied at the Stereosis School of Photography in Thessaloniki and he has obtained an MA in American Studies from the University of Antwerp. He focuses on long-term photography projects, writing, and alternative photographic techniques such as pinhole and cyanotype. So far, he has published five books; the photo albums: ‘Wonderwood’, ‘Daydreaming’, and ‘Edessa’; the novels: ‘Charlemagne’, and ‘Black Out’ and he is the co-founder of the Magic Box & Fata Morgana Publications, in Athens.


+30 697 2214 362


. exhibitions
2020 Indian Photo Festival (IPF), Digital Exhibition (Hyderabad) - Wonderwood
2014 Twelve Hours for Greece (Brussels) - Daydreaming
2012 Photobiennale VII Logos - Kalos & Klio showroom (Thessaloniki) - Wonderwood
2011 "Symbiosis?" 15th Biennale de la Mediterranée (Thessaloniki) - Daydreaming 
2008 Athens Photo Festival (APhF), Young Greek Photographers (Athens) - Charlemagne

. awards
2008 Top Ten Young Greek Photographers - Athens APhF:08
2008 Ten Best New Authors - Diavazo Literature Magazine   

2007 Second Prize in the Category “Friendship” of the E.U. Competition Cantabria+10

. presentations 
2013 TedX (Thessaloniki) - The Chamber of Wishes 
2011  European Parliament (Brussels) - Daydreaming
2010 Embassy of Belgium in Greece (Athens) - Daydreaming

. workshops

2020 Stratos Kalafatis Workshop (Thessaloniki)
2020 Photographic Screen Printing (Athens)
2019 Deconstructing the (Photo)book and Reinventing it in Space (Athens)
2015 Jacob Aue Sobol (Thessaloniki)
2011 Anders Petersen (Thessaloniki)